Biomass CBD Premium

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Selected Cannabis Biomass

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Biomass Premium is the residue from the cutting and cleaning of the Cannabis Plants.

The legal Cannabis female inflorescences leaves and powder of are collected during the cutting and drying and packaging process, forming a layer under the calibration grid which is carefully collected to offer you a material impregnated with active ingredient CBD and terpenes. These are leaves of legal Cannabis and parts of lateral flowers with a high concentration of pollen and rich in cannabinoids such as CBD.

Biomass Premium is a mix from our different varieties of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor legal CBD Cannabis female inflorescences.

CBD Biomass Standard coming from certified industrial Hemp. No use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical additives.

About 30% of the material is made up of small Flowers.

  • Values: CBD 5.0% – 10% – 15%
  • THC 0.7-0.8% 
  • Production: mix outdoor, mix greenhouse, mix indoor
  • Material made in Switzerland
  • Specifics: seed-free material
  • Sieve size: 5 mm (premium)
  • Appearance: shredded leaves and stem, seed-free material
  • Smell: characteristic industrial hemp
  • Cleaning: professional trim residue
  • Drying: dry products of optimal quality
  • Packaging: packaged in plasticized bags inside, sewn together tightly, in compliance with the provisions on foodstuffs. Stored net on europallets
  • Uses: it can be consumed in the same way as inflorescences for decoctions, hemp tea and/or for industrial extractions in order to obtain various typology of finished product

CBD Biomass Premium Cbd Logistics original extraction. Beware of imitations.

Selected Cannabis Biomass. Mix from our different varieties of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor. Made in Switzerland with Love Passion and Care.

Excellent for middle transformation.

CBD Biomass Premium marketed by Cbd Logistics undergoes rigorous internal quality controls in compliance with the current federal legislation on the subject and in compliance with the prerequisites of IG Hanf Switzerland sector association.

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< 1%


5 %, 10%, 15 %




Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

Sieve size

5 millimeters

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