Pollen CBD Amnesia Haze

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Premium Cannabis Pollen

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Pollen Amnesia Haze is an accumulation of trichomes which contain various types of cannabinoids including CBD active principle and terpenes.

What are the trichomes?

Trichomes are those tiny crystals that coat the female inflorescences of the cannabis plant. They contain the essence of the plant, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. One of the processing methods for obtaining Pollen is called a grinder: it is a mortar equipped with a grate and a double bottom. The moment you put the dried female cannabis inflorescences inside and grind, the resins will fall inside the false bottom. After various processes produced with the use of increasingly smaller microns for the sieve a lot of brown material commonly called Pollen will accumulate. Pollen CBD Amnesia Haze is one of the most appreciated legal CBD Pollen on the market.

The Pollen CBD Amnesia Haze is produced through the extraction of high quality CBD Cannabis grown in Switzerland. Pollen CBD Amnesia Haze compact extract brown color suitable for dabbing and vaping or more classic uses.

  • Process: filtered grinder
  • Extraction made in Switzerland
  • Indoor female inflorescences used for extraction
  • Values: CBD 30-32%, THC 0.8-0.9% 
  • Appearance: light brown color
  • Smell: intense especially at the moment of preparation after breaking the dough or after light the material
  • Consistency: compact, mouldable, intense, hazy

Pollen CBD Amnesia Haze original Cbd Logistics. Beware of imitations.

Premium Cannabis Pollen. Made in Switzerland with Love Passion and Care. The workmanship and the Strains used make the difference.

Relaxation without any mind-altering effects.

The CBD Pollen marketed by Cbd Logistics undergo rigorous internal quality controls in compliance with current federal regulations on the subject and in compliance with the prerequisites of IG Hanf Switzerland sector association.

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