The popularity of CBD is growing as more and more consumers try to use it, the main reason being its beneficial power for health.

To produce CBD-containing products, cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the material, regardless of the method chosen, the product must undergo an extraction process.

The CBD oil obtained after extraction is called “full spectrum“, meaning that there are other cannabinoids besides CBD. 

Full spectrum CBD oils also contain other beneficial elements such as terpenes and amino acids, either way, whether it is an isolated or full spectrum concentrate, CBD oil is added to other substances to create CBD products.

CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways, CBD oil being one of the most popular options, although CBD pearls, edibles, and drinks seem to be growing in number. There are many different products to introduce this ingredient into our bodies: inflorescences, sublingual oils, extractions, e-liquids, creams and ointments, and foods and drinks.

Female inflorescences

Female inflorescences Cannabis Sativa L., it is the flower of the plant, selected varieties with high levels of CBD and low amounts of THC to produce an effect of mental lucidity without intoxicating actions. The flowers can be smoked or vaporized according to one’s preference.

Sublingual oils

CBD oil is available in different concentrations and its strong point is represented by its versatility of use, it is produced from hemp grown with natural methods and using cutting edge technologies it is extracted to obtain high quality oil offering unaltered doses of CBD and terpenes.

The most effective oral way to take CBD is to apply the drops of oil under the tongue. This allows the cannabidiol to pass directly into the bloodstream through the capillaries in the mouth and under the tongue, a highly vascularized area. Cannabidiol is not “dispersed” during digestion and thus exerts its functions in a minimal amount of time, almost immediately.


Crumbles, isolates and pearls. Crumbles are 99% pure CBD crystals and extractions that dissolve quickly under the tongue, sending large amounts of CBD into the bloodstream, although they do not provide the benefits of a full spectrum oil. CBD crystals, being the purest form in which we can find cannabidiol, have great versatility of use and meet the most diverse needs, with different times of action and interactions with our body.

CBD isolate, which is cold filtered for optimal purity and crystalline appearance, is a white powder with small tasteless crystals and is odorless (terpenes are also removed).


E-cigarette liquids are one of the possibilities.

These products allow you to take even high concentrations of CBD, they are often used in a vaporizer.

Care and Beauty 

Creams and ointments based on Natural Hemp, a line of products intended for topical use, to take advantage of the important dermocosmetic properties of cannabidiol.

CBD-based creams and ointments can sometimes be combined with natural elements with moisturizing and emollient properties for even more natural relief. Ointments are also used to treat and prevent acne and relieve muscle pain. From a skincare perspective, CBD products keep skin hydrated and help prevent weather damage.

Foods and Beverages

Hemp and its derivatives have multiple uses, the most important being food. A wide assortment of products capable of creating a perfect combination of unquestionable health benefits, a natural diet and a particular taste (flour, baked goods, seeds, oils, cookies, beers). Many items are handcrafted and created on a small scale to ensure the highest quality and the best possible energy intake. There are also beverages and sweets, tasty snacks, infusions and herbal teas with multiple benefits, lollipops and candies for the sweet tooth. Many of the available products contain CBD (Cannabidiol), thus being able to boast of the well-known benefits on the body and health of this active principle of Cannabis.

Personal experimentation is the best way to find out which CBD-based products work best for your needs, so you can try different products in each category to see what can offer the best results. 


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