Flowers Sour Diesel

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Premium Selected Cannabis

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Flowers Sour Diesel.

Female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L., organically produced in Switzerland, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical additives. Among the types of CBG Hemp always appreciated by end consumers. From the decisive aspect, the characteristic smell and the compact consistency the CBG Sour Diesel female inflorescences are some of the most appreciated legal CBG Cannabis on the market.

  • Indoor: CBG 14-16%, THC n.d. (not detected)
  • Glass greenhouse: CBG 12-14%, THC n.d. (not detected)
  • Outdoor: CBG 10-12%, THC n.d. (not detected)
  • Appearance: inflorescences very big and important
  • Bouquet: characteristic Sour Diesel, particular and appreciated
  • Texture: medium-high level of compactness
  • Cleaning: professional trim + original hand

Flowers Sour Diesel Cbd Logistics original. Beware of imitations.

Premium Selected Female Inflorescences. Indoor, Glasshouse, Outdoor. Made in Switzerland with Love Passion and Care. Safe payment and shipping methods.

Relaxation without any mind-altering effects.

The CBG female inflorescences marketed by Cbd Logistics undergo rigorous internal quality controls in compliance with current federal regulations on the subject and in compliance with the prerequisites of IG Hanf Switzerland sector association.

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Indoor 14-16%, Glass Greenhouse 12-14%, Outdoor 10-12%




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