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CBD Loud Dream Cannabis Sativa L. Hash

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Hash CBD Loud Dream is the essence extracted from the tops of the female inflorescences of Cannabis and then compressed. More specifically, this mantle contains trichomes, crystalline filaments that cover the female inflorescences of marijuana. It is the trichomes that contain the active cannabinoid ingredients, and the various types of hashish differ not only in the method of extraction, but also in the concentration of CBD they contain. Precisely because it is part of the trichomes, hashish is one of the most powerful derivatives of marijuana. In the traditional version, CBD is in fact present in very high concentrations and its effects are more intense and longer-lasting than cannabis. Legal hashish has higher CBD concentrations, which is why it is often preferred by many regular consumers who can choose from the different types of legal materials. Hash CBD Loud Dream is one of the most popular legal CBD Hashish on the market.

Hash CBD Loud Dream is produced through the extraction of high quality CBD Cannabis grown in Switzerland. Hash CBD Loud Dream compact extract brown color suitable for dabbing and vaporization or more classic use.

  • Process: filtered 
  • Extraction made in Switzerland
  • Indoor female inflorescences used for extraction
  • Values: CBD 30-32%, THC 0.8-0.9% 
  • Appearance: brown color
  • Smell: intense especially at the moment of preparation after breaking the dough or after light the material 
  • Consistency: compact, mouldable, sticky

Hash CBD Loud Dream original Cbd Logistics. Beware of imitations.

The CBD Hash marketed by Cbd Logistics undergo rigorous internal quality controls in compliance with current federal regulations on the subject and in compliance with the prerequisites of IG Hanf Switzerland sector association.

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