Hemp contains various active ingredients, among which the best known are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC has a psychoactive effect therefore it is considered a narcotic substance and as such prohibited.

Unlike many countries where current legislation does not clearly define the methods of use and consumption of hemp, Switzerland is characterized by the assimilation of products based on hemp flowers and leaves as true tobacco substitutes.

The types of hemp

Types of hemp that contain low doses of THC, i.e. less than 0.99%, are not considered narcotic substances in Switzerland.

A low THC content is compensated, in selected varieties, by high values of CBD (Cannabidiol), a cannabinoid characterized by the absence of psychoactive effects, with proven calming, relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

The types of cultivation

The production of legal hemp in Switzerland is very varied, there are mostly three types of cultivation:

  • Outdoors (in an open field)
  • Greenhouse
  • Indoors (in closed spaces with lighting systems and controlled conditions)

The hemp plant is an annual and photoperiodic flowering plant. This means that cannabis will flower only once a year, based on the amount of light it receives, and then die, so the life cycle of a plant varies greatly depending on whether it is grown indoors or outdoors and more generally depending on of climates and varieties.

The female inflorescences

The female inflorescences all ripen at the same time, so the harvest is carried out when all the flowers reached have their optimal maturity. To understand what the right moment is, we observe the trichomes of the plant, the color of which indicates its maturity.

In terms of quality of the final product, indoor production produces superior quality flowers thanks to the perfect control of all cultivation parameters. Such cultivation requires installations that require air conditioning and lighting systems.

Until not long ago when we talked about this plant we only thought of the flower, but from the processing of hemp it is possible to obtain many products, the production of which has grown dramatically in recent years.

In addition to hemp inflorescences, still one of the most requested products today, there are many other derivatives of the plant, here are the most common: oils, extractions, food products (food and drinks), cosmetic products and much more..

The legal hemp market

The legal hemp market continues to invest heavily in research and development to achieve new advances and mainly focuses on the following aspects:

  • elimination of parasites and pathogens
  • development of new cannabis varieties using advanced cultivation methods
  • hybridization of patented strains

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