The spring fever is coursing through our body, not only because of the beautiful weather, but also because it is the ideal time to grow plants and crops. To be more specific, the perfect time to grow weed outdoors! You can discover in this article which month is the best to do this and what to pay attention to when you start growing weed outdoors.

What does the outdoor Cannabis plant need?

Growing cannabis purely in nature in the garden or on the balcony, how nice is that! If you are reading this article, you most likely intend to. And it’s good that you inform yourself well beforehand, because growing cannabis outdoors requires a completely different approach than growing indoors. Outside, the sun does a lot of work for you, and it saves you a high electricity bill. But you will also have to deal with the weather gods and the critters that lurk on your cannabis plant.

Basic needs for cannabis plant

A cannabis plant has a number of basic needs: light, air, water and nutrients. When you plant weed outside, the sun provides the light. Make sure that your cannabis plant receives more sunlight during growth than during flowering; then it needs more sleep.

Mother nature regulates the air for your cannabis plant: the plant extracts carbon dioxide from the air via the leaves and oxygen via the roots. To provide the roots with enough oxygen, it is important that the soil is not too compact or that the pot in which the plant is placed has good drainage.

Water regularly falls from the sky in the Switzerland, but not always. That is why it is important to water your cannabis plant regularly. If you stick your thumb in the soil up to the phalanx, and the soil sticks, your plant still has enough water. Doesn’t it feel moist? Then you give extra water.

The last basic need is the nutrients that the cannabis plant needs outside has. In addition to rich potting soil or garden soil, it is important that you provide your cannabis plant with additional nutrition. In fact, this is necessary for a good grow. You can usually add these nutrients to the water and this will promote the growth of the plant.

PH value of the water

For good growth of your outdoor cannabis plant, you need to water it regularly with some extra nutrients now and then. For this it is important that the water has a favorable pH value. An ideal pH value is between 5.8 and 6.3 and you can easily measure it with a PH-meter. If the value is not in between, the cannabis plant can hardly absorb the nutrients. Is the value higher? Then you can easily lower it with the pH Plagron. Increasing the value is actually never necessary in practice.


What should I pay attention to when I grow weed outdoors?

When growing weed outside, you have to deal with the weather gods and a number of critters that love your cannabis plant. Therefore, make sure you have a suitable place in your garden to grow the cannabis plant. A place where there is a lot of sun, little shade and no moss. Moss is a sign of a humid environment and this is guaranteed to cause problems for the plant.

Growing Cannabis outdoors in a pot

Growing your cannabis plant in a pot has a super big advantage: you can always move the pot. This allows you to give the plant as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. However, the disadvantage is that you limit the growth because the plant is in a pot. The bigger the pot, the better the harvest.

Growing Cannabis outdoors in the ground

If you are going to grow your cannabis plant outdoors in the open ground, the environment will be much more precise. An ideal place is, for example, in a vegetable garden, preferably where other crops have grown. Or in a place where many nettles grow. This soil is rich in all kinds of nutrients. In another place, there is a good chance that you have to feed the cannabis plant regularly.


Choose outdoor Cannabis seeds

Nowadays you can choose from all kinds of different types of cannabis seeds for your indoor or outdoor grow. We have compiled a top 20 especially for our cannabis growers with the best cannabis seeds for outdoor use . If you are a beginner, we recommend that you choose autoflower cannabis seeds. These are cannabis seeds that flower automatically and you do not have to take the best growing season into account. They just don’t get that big, so your harvest is also less. With all other cannabis seeds outside the autoflowers, you have to take into account the best growing season.

Best season for growing Cannabis outdoors

Have you selected a number of cannabis seeds? Then it’s time to grow weed outdoors! In principle, you can start your outdoor cultivation as soon as it stops freezing outside. Young cannabis plants cannot withstand night frost and can be fatal. Spring is an ideal time to grow plants and crops. Just make sure that there is no more night frost!

The best month to grow your cannabis outdoors is May. In this month, there is often no more night frost. This is after 11 to 15 May, when, according to folk weather studies, there is no chance of night frost. At that moment, your cannabis plants can safely go outside. The second half of May is ideal for germinating your cannabis seeds, because then you will get the best harvest in August.


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