CBD E-LIQUIDS AND CBD CARTRIDGE: What’s the difference?

E-liquids are the liquids used in electronic devices and electronic cigarettes. These devices are also often referred to as vape pens. Usually, e-liquids are flavored with flavors and nicotine and are often used as a substitute to avoid smoking tobacco products.

The CBD oil you buy from a licensed cannabis shop comes from a different type of cannabis plant than the CBD you find in e-liquids.

CBD oil is extracted from the Cannabis plant we all know, CBD in e-liquids is obtained from hemp.

Hemp is the ultimate infusion plant because cannabis plants with a low THC content can be grown, processed and transformed into products without the legal restrictions compared to products with a high THC content.

These plants differ in their chemical profiles and the purposes for which they are grown. But at the end of the day, CBD is CBD, regardless of the type of plant it is extracted from. It is the other chemical compounds that accompany it, natural or additives, that determine the overall experience and the quality of the product purchased.

In its pure form, CBD does not dissolve in water; when it comes to using it for e-cigarettes, you need to add something to make the CBD viscous enough to work properly.

E-liquids are mainly made of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. These compounds dissolve, bind, and make the CBD viscous enough to flow to a heat source for evaporation.

Vegetable glycerin is denser than propylene glycol and creates a thick cloud of smoke, plus it provides a more intense sensation in the throat that can make you feel like you’re smoking plant material. It’s easy for an e-liquid to be a blend of the two, with different ratios reflecting different consumer preferences.

It is important to note that vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol have been shown to be safe to take; although there are no official statements on the long-term effects of inhalation.

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are also sometimes used in cannabis oil cartridges. As mentioned above, CBD is a solid, so if you buy a vape cartridge that says it contains 97% CBD and there is a viscous liquid in the cartridge, chances are that vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol will be used.

A final consideration is that batteries designed for e-liquids are much more powerful than batteries for cannabis vaporizer cartridges. If the voltage is not regulated, batteries designed for e-liquid can cause cannabis cartridges to malfunction.

If you are vaping a cannabis oil cartridge, use a battery designed for this; if you are consuming an e-liquid, vape it with a battery designed for it.


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